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Our wilderness elk hunt is by far one of the best elk hunts in the state.

Double Diamond hunts Wyoming’s premier deer unit (REGION G,H).

Takes place November thru February. We have a 95% success with clients.

We hunt the most beautiful, game rich, bear country Wyoming has to offer.



Wilderness Camp

Our wilderness elk hunt is by far one of the best elk hunts in the state. we have taken numerous bulls over the 350 mark. We both archery and rifle out of this camp. This archery hunt is second to none other, as you will be on multiple bulls every day, and same with the rifle hunt. 


The archery season opens September 1st and ends September 19th. The rifle hunts opens september 20th and ends October 31st. This hunt is conducted all on horseback.

All our horses are very experienced and mountain wise. They are the key instrument in making this hunt possible. It is a very physical demanding hunt. You will need to be in your best physical shape.

The camp is a very cozy camp, with a great cook with outstanding meals. Nothing better than eating a big rib eye steak and salad after a long successful day of hunting. All wall tents are equipped with wood burning stoves and cots and pads. You will forever remember this hunt as one of your favorites.

Late Season Hunt

Our late season camp is a great choice for someone who is a few points shy of max points, and wanting to burn them on a great hunt this year. This hunt produces high potential at a 330-350 plus bulls. you will see a great number of bulls each day, with great trophy potential.


This camp is a pack in wall tent camp done all on horseback. We use all the same stock and equipment and staff as our wilderness camp. You can not go wrong with this hunt. It is one of our favorites.


Our general season hunts are an awesome hunt with high success. You can draw this tag just about every year. This hunt has a high success on 260-300 class bulls.


There are some bigger 330 plus bulls in the unit but are fewer in numbers. The elk population is really good in are general units but just lack on older aged class bulls. This is an extremely fun hunt in some of the most beautiful country the state has to offer.

We hunt both archery and rifle on these hunts. Archer hunt dates are September 1-30 and the Rifle dates are October 15-31st.

All of these hunts are on horseback. We have a full time cook with all you can eat meals. Don’t hesitate at this hunt cause it’s a general tag, it is an extremely fun hunt with high success.


Mule Deer


Double Diamond Outfitters hunts Wyoming’s premier deer units (REGION G,and H). These areas, have produced twice as many record book bucks than any other area in Wyoming. The country is extremely beautiful with lots of peaks towering over 10,000ft. this is a very physical demanding hunt, and being in your best shape is a must.

This hunt is conducted all on horseback. We begin the day well before day light by truck and trailoring to a desired trailhead. From there we ride out on horses. By being able to truck and trailer to various trail heads gives us a huge advantage on being able to hunt multiple giant pre-season scouted bucks. Pre-season scouting is key in consistently harvesting big bucks. We spend just as much or more time in the field before season than as during season. This hunt is not only physically challenging but mentally challenging as well. You spend long days in the glass looking and relooking over country for that one buck.

We can promise you that it is the most rewarding experience when you finally connect on the buck of your dreams. Feel free to give call any time, to discuss hunt details and any other questions you may have 307-730-4868.

Lion Hunts


95% Sucsess Rate

Lion hunts take place November thru February. It is conducted with use of 4 x 4, ATV, UTV, snow machines and horses.

We stay at the ranch house. This hunt is a one on one hunt. In the past 10+ years we have had 95% success with clients. This is a very exciting hunt with the use of hounds. Top physical shape is a plus. You will see lots of deer, elk, and other game on their winter range while looking for these cats. Once a fresh track is found we let the hounds do their job and let the fun begin.

There is a lot of other fun activities to do during this time a year, so bring your wife and family. Were only an hour away from Jackson Hole, where there is multiple ski resorts, sleigh rides through the national elk refuge, snowmobile into granite hot springs, endless shopping and lots more…

Bear Hunts



Double Diamond Outfitters is proud to offer the most unforgettable hunt of a lifetime. We hunt the most beautiful, game rich, bear country Wyoming has to offer. This hunt takes place in the spring, and fall. 

These are over the counter tags, bear camp has turned in to a yearly tradition for many of our clients. there is nothing better than getting out with buddy"s  and relaxing all week on active bear baits

We have a 97% success rate with our bear hunts. Black bears are hunted 2 different ways: spot and stalk, or over a bait.

We take pride and honor in our success and reputation, we promise you a hunt of a lifetime.

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