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Refund Policy

We require a 25% booking deposit which is non refundable, and 50% of hunt cost immediately upon drawing a license. The remainder of the balance is due 45 days prior to their hunt. If hunter fails to submit his payments he will be contacted and notified that he has 10 days to do so or his deposit will be forfeited and his spot will be made available to the next available hunter.


If the hunter fails to draw his or her license during the current year which he or she is scheduled to hunt, they may either purchase a preference point and we will hold their deposits over to the next season, or we will let them transfer their deposit to a different species providing we have available openings.


We will refund hunt payments less the 25% booking fee, under the following conditions: In the case of death of the licensee. Any person who has the authority to represent the descendent as provided by a court order shall submit a written request for a hunt refund supported by a copy of the respective death certificate.


In the case of the death of the licensees spouse., parents, grandparents, lineal descendants, and their spouses, step parents, step sibling, step children, father -in- law, mother-in-law, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, step son in-law, or step daughter in-law, the licensee shall submit a written request for the hunt refund supported by the respective death certificate. The date of death on such certificate shall have occurred during the regular season resulting in the licensee not being able to participate in the majority of the regular season.


In the case of incapacitating illness or injury of the licensee supported by a physicians sworn statement: Individuals who are not able to participate in the majority of the regular season for the species specified in commission rules and regulations during the year for which the license is issued as a result of a court subpoena, jury duty, grand jury investigation or attorneys required to attend criminal cases. A certified copy of the court document shall accompany the written request for the hunt refund.


When the Wyoming department of fish and game determines one hundred percent of the hunting opportunity and access to the hunt area has been closed due to administrative actions of the state or federal government in closing of the public access to publics lands due to a natural disaster.


Any youth licensee may be granted a hunt refund if the youth licensees opportunity to hunt is jeopardized as a result of any license refund granted by the Wyoming department of fish and game. An error on the part of the Wyoming department of fish and game or it authorized agent where the applicant has been issued a license not requested no refund will be given if the written request for Any military deployment or mandatory transfers. 

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