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Pack Trips and Summer Vacation


Looking for something really special, something a little different? You need to experience a week of your summer with us in some of the most majestic and pristine mountains there are to be seen. We’ll open your eyes to a laid back life style that will be hard to let go of. You will experience a stress free environment surrounded with breathtaking scenery, abundant wildlife, and hosts love to share the mountain life with you.


Your average day will start with the sound of a crackling fire as the cook starts the morning coffee. The morning mountain air will have a slight chill, the bacon sizzling, and hear the horses whinnying for their morning hay. You will be thinking how fortunate I am to be here in this God created place of peace and solitude.

Now the smell of coffee and breakfast cooking over the open fire has tantalized you as much as you can stand. It’s time to head out to the warmth of the campfire and some freshly brewed cowboy coffee. The warmth of the fire radiates to all that surround it and the morning stories flow around the fire while enjoying a hot breakfast.


The horses are now being saddled by the wrangler for the ride into the mountains. Some may just want to sit back and enjoy the sun and western hospitality, or go fishing in the nearby river, or maybe take a hike or a bath. The choices are endless and here in the mountains, it doesn’t matter what you do or don’t do. You’re always right and you make your own decisions.


There are many lakes to ride to and/or fish. All kinds of wildlife and scenery to take pictures of. You can fill any day with all the horseback riding, fishing and hiking you want. While on the trail you will be provided a sack lunch and beverage of your choice. Our evening meal is dutch oven prepared and will have you coming back for seconds.

As the evening passes and the sun sets, it is likely to see deer or elk staring to feed. The campfire is once again the local hang-out as the sun sets for stories and occasionally Rick will pump up his accordion for some after dinner music. Eyes become heavy and guests begin to retire. To conclude a day in the Rocky Mountains. That would be hard to beat anywhere.

Get away from the Jackson/Yellowstone crowds, congestion, and tour buses and experience the mountain serenity by horseback. Our rates are affordably priced for a 1/2 day ride (two person minimum). Call for more details, customized packages, and family & group discounts.

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